The Syncthing admin interface is configured to allow remote access without a password. This can easily give hackers access to read and change any files on your computer. Please set a GUI Authentication User and Password in the Settings dialog.

Restart Needed

The configuration has been saved but not activated. Syncthing must restart to activate the new configuration.

New Device {{ event.time | date:"yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss" }}

Device "{%name%}" ({%device%} at {%address%}) wants to connect. Add new device?

New Folder Share Folder {{ event.time | date:"yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss" }}

{%device%} wants to share folder "{%folder%}". {%device%} wants to share folder "{%folderlabel%}" ({%folder%}). Share this folder? Add new folder?


{{err.when | date:"yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss"}}:


 Folder ID {{folder.id}}
 Folder Path {{folder.path}}
 Error {{model[folder.id].invalid || model[folder.id].error}}
 Global State  {{model[folder.id].globalFiles | alwaysNumber}}   {{model[folder.id].globalDirectories | alwaysNumber}}   ~{{model[folder.id].globalBytes | binary}}B
 Local State  {{model[folder.id].localFiles | alwaysNumber}}   {{model[folder.id].localDirectories | alwaysNumber}}   ~{{model[folder.id].localBytes | binary}}B
Reduced by ignore patterns
 Out of Sync Items {{neededItems(folder.id) | alwaysNumber}} items, ~{{model[folder.id].needBytes | binary}}B
 Scan Time Remaining ~ {{scanRemaining(folder.id)}}
 Failed Items {{failed[folder.id].length | alwaysNumber}} items
 Folder Type Send Only {{ folder.type.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + folder.type.slice(1) }}
 Ignore Permissions Yes
 Rescan Interval {{folder.rescanIntervalS}} s
 File Pull Order Random Alphabetic Smallest First Largest First Oldest First Newest First
 File Versioning Trash Can File Versioning Staggered File Versioning Simple File Versioning External File Versioning
 Shared With {{sharesFolder(folder)}}
 Last Scan Never {{folderStats[folder.id].lastScan | date:'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss'}}
 Latest Change Updated Deleted {{folderStats[folder.id].lastFile.filename | basename}}

This Device

 Download Rate {{connectionsTotal.inbps | binary}}B/s {{connectionsTotal.inbps*8 | metric}}bps ({{connectionsTotal.inBytesTotal | binary}}B)
 Upload Rate {{connectionsTotal.outbps | binary}}B/s {{connectionsTotal.outbps*8 | metric}}bps ({{connectionsTotal.outBytesTotal | binary}}B)
 Local State (Total)  {{localStateTotal.files | alwaysNumber}}   {{localStateTotal.directories| alwaysNumber}}   ~{{localStateTotal.bytes | binary}}B
 RAM Utilization {{system.sys | binary}}B
 CPU Utilization {{system.cpuPercent | alwaysNumber | natural:1}}%
 Listeners {{listenersTotal}}/{{listenersTotal}} {{listenersTotal-listenersFailed.length}}/{{listenersTotal}}
 Discovery {{discoveryTotal}}/{{discoveryTotal}} {{discoveryTotal-discoveryFailed.length}}/{{discoveryTotal}}
 Uptime {{system.uptime | duration:"m"}}
 Version {{versionString()}}

Remote Devices

 Download Rate {{connections[deviceCfg.deviceID].inbps | binary}}B/s {{connections[deviceCfg.deviceID].inbps*8 | metric}}bps ({{connections[deviceCfg.deviceID].inBytesTotal | binary}}B)
 Upload Rate {{connections[deviceCfg.deviceID].outbps | binary}}B/s {{connections[deviceCfg.deviceID].outbps*8 | metric}}bps ({{connections[deviceCfg.deviceID].outBytesTotal | binary}}B)
 Address {{deviceAddr(deviceCfg)}} {{addr}}
 Connection Type {{connections[deviceCfg.deviceID].type}}
 Allowed Networks {{deviceCfg.allowedNetworks.join(", ")}}
 Compression All Data Off
 Introducer Yes
 Introduced By {{ deviceName(findDevice(deviceCfg.introducedBy)) || deviceCfg.introducedBy.substring(0, 5) }}
 Version {{connections[deviceCfg.deviceID].clientVersion}}
 Last seen Never {{deviceStats[deviceCfg.deviceID].lastSeen | date:"yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss"}}
 Folders {{deviceFolders(deviceCfg).map(folderLabel).join(", ")}}